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HERITAGE studio is a successful creative commonwealth of scientists, engineers and artists, each of which is the professional in the area. Due to the mutual understanding, we more than once solved various tasks, which are considered not soluble before .

Touch as one of kinds of sensual perception, frequently gives to the person much more information, rather than sight. In particular it concerns works of art. Knowingly Japanese whenever possible try to perceive a surface of picturesque works as tips of fingers. Actually they feel the energy allocated by the author.

In the end of 80th years we have aimed to learn to create works of arts which the person could perceive not only by eyes. Subsequently we have learned that this tradition already existed since ancient time in Russian art of icon painting .

 St. Serge In Russia, since the 14-th century (since times of one of the most honoured Saints in Russia - Saint Reverend Sergius of Radonezh - and in many respects owing to his efforts), traditions to create low-relief orthodox icons for pilgrims were developed. During centuries in Sergiev Posad the sizes and plastic of relief images were fulfilled that they would be convenient both for visual, and for tactile perception. Therefore it is possible to tell safely, that there was one of the first experiences in Russia, to equalize in the rights sighted people and blind people in relation to works of art.

Moreover, in many temples and monasteries of Russia there was a tradition to place under a picturesque icon its reduced relief copy. This tradition till now is alive at the Holy Mount Athos.

At the end of XIX century the carved icon has received wide popularity in many countries of the Western Europe. Icons created in Russia many times received awards at the world fairs in Paris and Berlin.

However, after the revolution, traditions of relief icons have been forgotten and in many respects have been lost. In the Russian museums the very small amount of carved icons are kept. So, in the museum of the Moscow Kremlin there are kept no more than 80 masterpieces of Russian masters .

In 1990, with the God's help, we were able to re-open a secret of the Babylon carving, which engineering was known five thousand years ago. Then, as many other ancient knowledge, this experience was lost …

The Babylon carving on solid wood, by its clearness of lines and quality of surface processing, is the best adapted for tactile touch. Thus the products executed in such a way are very durable.

It is possible to compare in something the style of Babylon wood carving with the creation of medieval engravings The relief image, created by the artist, due to the Babylon wood carving, can be embodied in 100 - 200 unique handmade replicas. And each of the replicas, from the moment of occurrence, becomes a rare art work.

Probably because of it about the icons which were made by hands of our artists, their present owners write, for example, that "the icon has very powerful positive energy and it's impossible not to hold the icon in my hands…"

Heritage Studio in their work considers five-century Russian historical experience of carved icons creation and uses the same plastic and sizes which were inherent in the best samples of Russian icons for pilgrims in XIX century.

Now our studio, exclusively in the world, has an opportunity to create high-quality tactile relief icons of traditional pilgrim size and other relief miniatures from solid wood.

We are proud, that our works are present in many orthodox churches and monasteries as well as in museums not only in Russia - at the Holy Land, at the Holy Mount Athos, in Finland, Norway, Germany, USA, France, United Kingdom (at the Royal Collection of Buckingham Palace, including). They are present in private collections worldwide too.

Realizing, that there are people for whom relief images are the unique way of knowledge of the fine arts, our studio gives essential attention in the activity to the program "Icons for blind children" which was blessed by Vladimir, the Metropolitan of St.-Petersburg and Ladoga .

We create also relief images of known historical characters and copies of world masterpieces of the fine arts that allows blind children to expand borders of their perception of the world.

According to our opportunities and owing to the help of patrons of art and philanthropists, we give some our works to the centers for blind and visually impaired children in St.-Petersburg, to other children's centers in Russia and abroad.

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