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This program is the first among charity projects, which can be united by the name "ART FOR BLIND CHILDREN". About the program realisation you can read in our news.

In ancient times people concerned to blind with the special respect. It was considered, that blind people are closer to the God (David: "God creates the Blind wise" (145:8). Therefore, the majority of subjects created by ancient civilizations were adapted for blind people. The relief images were prevailed among art works too. And it was usual for the majority of ancient civilizations.

St. Apostle LukaThe first icon of the Virgin made by St. Apostle Luka, also was relief. It supposes, this icon subsequently to become the prototype of the known Tikhvinskaja icon of the Virgin.

In Russia, from times of its christening, the relief icons (whether from stone, metal or wood) were not less traditional, than painted ones.

For different reasons to the middle of the 20-th century the tradition of a carved relief icon in Russia was almost completely lost. The carved icon, which equalized an opportunity "to see" for sighted and blind man, practically has disappeared from uses.

As it was written in one of the letters to us: "for blind children it is important to trust that the God protects them as well as all of us". Only ponder about the recognition of the small child - for him to hide it is enough to close his eyes. If he does not see, it means that nobody see him too! And if he is invisible, he can not receive help!

As the experts in tactile perception consider, the natural wood is one of the best materials for perception by the blind people. The qualitative wooden relief is very well perceived by fingers of children with infringements of sight, and allows them to create a high-grade visual image. According to Alla Sergeeva, director of the center for blind and visually impaired children in St.Petersburg, an opportunity "to see" icons has the salutary effect both on spiritual, and for physical health of children.

blessing copyOn August 25, 2005, Vladimir, the Metropolitan of St.Petersburg and Ladoga, gave his blessing for our activity. For the orthodox man an icon is not only sacred image, it is also a symbol of hope. To present for the blind child an opportunity to see an icon, means to present him hope.

We translate into a relief not only icons. Now we work to translate world known works of art and portraits of famous people, that blind children could see them.


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