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The exhibition of Orthodox icons in Poland

The exhibition of Orthodox icons which can be "seeing" by and visually impaired people will be open in November 2013 in the Poland city Bialystok

The event became possible thanks to common efforts of Center of Orthodox Culture (Bialystok) and Heritage Studio (St.Petersburg).

The celebrations devoted to arrival of icons from St.-Petersburg took place in Kiev

On October, 15th at Kiev- Pechora Lavra on blessing of metropolitan Vladimir and of archbishop Vyshgorodsky, the deputy of Lavra Paul, charitable evening "Will help children to see the God, by fingers touch " took place .

The head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, Metropolitan of Kiev and whole Ukraine Vladimir has handed over to the blind children (members of public organization "the World through touch") 19 Orthodox icons made in our studio. It has been especially noted, that the relief of these icons enables blind to feel the mysterious and deep world of orthodox icons.

Metropolitan Vladimir has addressed to attended people, having asked all orthodox Christians to concern with mercy to the blind as it was done by the Savior during his terrestrial life.

At the finishing part of the event the celebratory concert took place. On a celebration there were Ukrainian priests, the visitor from Georgia Metropolitan Isaija, deputies of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine, known composers and figures of arts of Ukraine.

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain thanks masters from St. Petersburg for carved icons for the blind children presented for her birthday

The Queen Elizabeth II Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain thanked craftsmen of our Studio for the present to Her Majesty on the occasion of her birthday.

The letter in which Elizabeth II warmly thanked the Russian masters for the gift and expressed high appreciation of their concern and care for her charitable work came yesterday to the Heritage Studio.

Earlier last April, the studio craftsmen conveyed to the Buckingham Palace through the British General Consul George Edgar 26 Orthodox icons depicting St. George the Conqueror and 54 portraits of Her Majesty so that during her birthday celebrations the blind children of UK could see their Queen and her patron saint.
Russian answer

In 1806 the French man Valentin Hauy has organized in St.-Petersburg one of the first in the world (after Paris) school for the blind.

A.Durer, AutoportraitAfter 200 years, at the international exhibition, taking place in June at Nancy (France), Heritage Studio has made an answer-back gift for France. 25 relief copies of world masterpieces of picturesque art from assemblies of Louvre, Hermitage and Russian Museum and traditional Russian carved icons, which can be seen by blind people, were presented to the Associations Valentin Hauy.

Due to this gift, the blind in France can see masterpieces of Rubens, Leonard da Vinci, Ingres, Durer etc.

NancyIn the near future the French party is going to open an exposition solemnly. There will be representatives of Russian consulate and ministry of culture of France at this event.
The honorable letter of General consulate of Russia in Strasbourg is handed to Heritage Studio. The General Consul Vladimir Korotkov has emphasized, that the letter is entrusted for the contribution to strengthening favorable image of Russia.
Jeanne D'Arch Heritage Studio has presented as a gift to the museum of Jeanne D'Arc in Domremy the relief portrait of the national heroine of France, specially prepared for this case. The portrait can see neither sighted nor blind visitors of the museum. The director of the museum kindly has thanked our studio.
The gift is delivered to the Buckingham Palace

Yesterday at 9:05 our gift for Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II is delivered to Buckingham Palace. In the parcel sent to London from St.-Petersburg - 54 relief portraits of Her Majesty and 26 relief images of St. George.

We hope that the gift will be pleasant and useful to the charities of the Queen of Great Britain marking today Her 80 Anniversary.
The beginning of the exposition "Fine arts for the blind" at the school museum

Today at 14:00 the holiday was held at the Petersburg correctional school 1 named after K.K.Grot. The school has received as a gift to the holiday of Easter the collection of 20 relief icons created by Heritage Studio, as well as the relief portrait of the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II.

At the event there was the General Consul of Great Britain at St.-Petersburg Mr. George Edgar. On behalf of Her Majesty he has made a memorable inscription on the back side of the relief portrait of the Queen.

The first in St. Petersburg temple with icons for the blind

The solemn divine service began in midday at the Church of Resurrection of the Christ near the Warsaw station and 14 relief icons were brought to the Temple.

Since this day anybody having come to the Temple of Resurrection of the Christ, can tactile perceive the sacred images.
The unique gift for the Anniversary of The Queen Elizabeth II is being prepared in St.-Petersburg.

Heritage Studio (St.-Petersburg, Russia) have begun making relief portraits of Her Majesty, that blind children in United Kingdom could see The Queen in the days of the celebration of the 80-th Anniversary.

The decision on realization of this idea was accepted when in studio have known about vast charities of The Queen Elizabeth II in relation to blind children and that Her Majesty is a patron of many of these programs.

The portraits will be made from palm wooden plates, in the same ancient technique, which is used to create images for the international charity program "Icons for blind children".
The blessed gifts are handed to blind children

Today at 12:00 (Moscow time) the long-awaited event was held at the children garden No 53 - the rehabilitation center for children with a pathology of sight. The each orthodox child has received a small cross from olive wood and a small icon of the St. Healer Panteleimon, with the blessing from the monks of the Russian St. Panteleimon monastery at the Holy Mount Athos.

Together with the individual gifts for children, the special relief icons were handed to the children garden. Icons were made in St.-Petersburg and had travelled to the Holy places. The icon of St. Healer Panteleimon has returned from the Holy Mount Athos, where it was consecrated on the Head of St. Healer Panteleimon. Icons of Saviour Not-Made-By-Hands and St. Sergij Radonezhsky have come back from Jerusalem, being consecrated on The Coffin of Our Lord. The children garden also have received the icon of St. Tavifa - a gift from Father Pimen from the Temple of St. Apostle Peter and St. Tavifa at the Holy Land.
Today in the evening we have received a long-awaited parcel from Holy Land. Relief icon of Saviour Not-Made-By-Hands and icon of St. Sergij Radonezhsky, intended for blind children in the sponsored children garden, have returned to St. Petersburg from "pilgrim trip". The icons were consecrated on The Coffin of Our Lord.

Blessing for children and staff of the children garden written by Father Pimen from the Temple of St. Apostle Peter and St. Tavifa of Russian Spiritual Mission at the Holy Land has transferred together with icons.

St. TavifaIn the parcel there is and one more icon - icon of St. Tavifa - a gift to the children garden from Father Pimen with very warm wishes. We shall try to make so that blind children could sometime see this icon too.

When we conceived to organise the pilgrim trip of the icons to the Holy Land, we knew nobody in those territories. Now we have found here magnificent people, friends and adherents. Father Pimen so has liked the program "Icons for blind children", that promised to pray for everyone, who really will help a blind child with his spiritual enlightenment. And, certainly, our special gratitude to Evgenia Antushev, without her help the travel of icons to the Holy Land could not be held.
From the Holy Mount Athos the icon of St. Healer Panteleimon has returned to St. Petersburg. The icon is intended for blind and visually impaired children of the children garden No. 53 (79, Marata st.).

Together with the relief icon consecrated on the Head of St. Healer Panteleimon in Russian St. Panteleimon monastery, Athos monks have transferred as a gift to blind children little crosses from olive wood and small icons with Blessing.

In the beginning of autumn of this year the small carved icon of St. Healer Panteleimon was sent to Athos, together with a collection of other icons intended in a gift to the monastery.

The travel of the icon to the Holy Mount Athos became possible due to assistance of the Society of friends of the Holy Mount Athos (Greece), and assistance of Father Alexij - priest of one of temples in St. Petersburg, who has delivered gifts in the city.

In the near future we expect the arrival in St.Petersburg from the Holy Land the relief icons for blind children consecrated at The Coffin of Our Lord. We wait them with impatience!

We are grateful to all our new friends for their help!
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